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If you are raising birds for the first time or you are raising new birds you are not familiar with, Chickens for Backyards offers poultry books as well as poultry care and supplies to make the process easy. Instructional poultry books take the guesswork out of raising a new brood and provide you with helpful tips and answers to common questions along the way.

When you order chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks or guineas, your birds arrive one day old. They require some care and attention at this stage to ensure they are safe and healthy. Raising birds from this age instead of purchasing adult birds will make your brood more friendly, social and generally easier to manage, as they become accustomed to you and your family from an early age. Our helpful guidebooks include lessons on raising baby birds, encyclopedias of poultry breeds, health handbooks, guidebooks for children and books on building chicken coops.

Purchase a guidebook with your poultry order and take the guesswork out of raising your poultry flock.