What You Need to do to Properly Support Your Chickens in Extreme Heat

Gorgeous colorful sunset skyscape with dramatic cloudsWith summer officially underway, we’re in for a few months of sun and warm temps. And with every summer comes at least a few days of extreme heat. If you’re a backyard chicken owner, these are days where you should be extra vigilant with your care. Keeping them cool and comfortable is essential to both their health and productivity.

Chickens can suffer from heat stress, which can lead to reduced egg production, weakened health, and in extreme cases, death. Fortunately, there are effective ways to support your chickens during the hot months. Here’s what you need to ensure your chickens stay cool and thrive in extreme heat:

Reliable Shade and Ventilation

Chickens are not unlike humans: they too seek shade on the hottest of days. It’s your job to ensure there’s enough shade available for all of them. Natural shade from trees or the addition of tarps and shade cloths can lower the temperature in your chicken’s environment by quite a bit. Ventilation is nearly as important – add vents or fans to the coop to help circulate air and displace heat. This will keep the inside of the coop nice and cool.

Adequate Water Supply

Chickens need constant access to fresh, cool water, especially in heat. Consider setting up multiple water stations to prevent overcrowding and ensure that every chicken gets enough to drink. To keep water cool, place it in shaded areas or use water containers that limit sun exposure. Another helpful idea is to add ice cubes to the water during the hottest part of the day.

Cooling Additions

Bringing in additional cooling systems can make a big difference. Misters can be set up to lightly spray the chickens’ area, significantly reducing the temperature and providing heat relief. Placing cooling pads in the coop, where chickens can lay on them to escape the heat, is another effective solution. Ensure any electrical setups are safe and protected from water and pecking.

If you’re looking to expand your flock or need additional supplies to prepare for the hot months, Chickens for Backyards is here to help. Offering more than 100 breeds of baby chicks, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guineas, we provide everything you need to ensure your backyard chickens are well cared for, no matter the weather. Contact us if you have any questions!