The Different Types of Chicken Feeders

Chickens are not picky eaters. You could dump feed on the ground or store it in a special automatic chicken feeder, and still, they would eat it. Even so, while our chickens may not be fussy, we need to be fussy for them. Properly storing your chickens’ feed can keep coops clean and prevent rats from getting into their food. A good chicken feeder, then, is essential for your flock.

From automatic to hanging feeders, here are the different types of chicken feeders:The Different Types of Chicken Feeders


Automatic chicken feeders are the most popular type on the market. Also known as treadle feeders, they work when a chicken stands on a footplate, opening up the box for them to eat. This allows your chickens to eat whenever they please while also protecting their food from vermin.


As the name suggests, hanging feeders (or gravity feeders) hang on the wall with a feed tray at the bottom. These types of feeders are the cheapest available. They are also the easiest to set up. Nevertheless, they can cause congestion in your coop. So, only install one if you have a large coop area for your flock.


When most people imagine a feeder, they usually imagine a trough feeder. These sit on the ground and allow for multiple chickens to feed at the same time. The biggest advantage with troughs is that, unlike other feeders, your chickens won’t sit or poop on them. They’re also beneficial for large flocks and are relatively inexpensive.

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