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Chicken Eggs vs. Duck Eggs

bowl of chicken eggs and duck eggs

For many Americans, an egg or two in the morning is a classic breakfast staple. Whether they’re scrambled, over-easy, or mixed in with a quiche, most of the eggs we use come from chickens. And granted, chicken eggs are certainly nutritious and tasty. Nevertheless, more and more people are now discovering the benefits of duck… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Chicken Eggs

The Ultimate Guide to Chicken Eggs

While chickens provide great companionship, there is a very tangible benefit to raising backyard chickens: their eggs. Having a fresh supply of eggs that your family can enjoy each morning is why many chicken raisers get into the business in the first place. Plus, there’s no denying that selling your chicken eggs can be quite… Read more »

How to Change a Broody Hen’s Behavior

Hen in Nesting Box

A broody hen is a hen that becomes obsessed with sitting on her eggs until they hatch, even if they’re not fertilized. While this might seem like a positive behavior on the surface, it’s not good if the hen keeps you from collecting unfertilized eggs. Broody hens can become very aggressive if you attempt to… Read more »