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What is a Broody Hen and How Do You Handle It?

What is a Broody Hen and How Do You Handle It?

If your hen doesn’t leave her nesting box and she hisses at you as you get near, then this is a sign of a broody hen. If you’re wanting your flock to reproduce, this may be a good sign, but if you’re trying to collect unfertilized eggs, it can cause trouble. But how do you… Read more »

Friendliest Chicken Breeds

Two girls holding chickens

Chickens make great companions and can be wonderful helpers in teaching responsibility and care to kids. Of course, with any animal, some breeds are known to be more friendly with humans. Especially if it’s your first time caring for chickens, it’s never a bad idea to get some that you know have the reputation of… Read more »

How to Change a Broody Hen’s Behavior

Hen in Nesting Box

A broody hen is a hen that becomes obsessed with sitting on her eggs until they hatch, even if they’re not fertilized. While this might seem like a positive behavior on the surface, it’s not good if the hen keeps you from collecting unfertilized eggs. Broody hens can become very aggressive if you attempt to… Read more »