Should You Use Organic Chicken Feed?

We all want our chickens to remain happy and healthy. A huge part of their overall quality of life is their feed. For many backyard chicken owners, they are torn between using standard chicken feed and organic chicken feed. While organic chicken feed has become popular in recent years, is it truly worth the hype? Read on to learn more.

What is organic chicken feed?chicken eating feed

What sets organic chicken feed apart from the rest? Namely, its manufacturing process. Organic chicken feed must be free of additives such as hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics. Not only do the seeds need to be certified organic, but so too must the land they grown on. In other words, in order for chicken feed to be certified organic, the farmer that produces it must have an organic certification.

Advantages and disadvantages of organic chicken feed

So, should you switch your chickens to organic chicken feed? That decision is up to you. Organic feed offers many advantages and disadvantages. Learning about the different benefits and drawbacks will help you determine if organic chicken feed is right for your flock.

Advantages of organic chicken feed

  • No Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods
  • Fewer pesticides, poisons, fertilizer residues, and other toxins that could harm the health of your chickens
  • Organic egg production
  • Higher levels of nutrients
  • Lower risk of health issues associated with food

Disadvantages of organic chicken feed

  • Much more expensive due to labor-intensive manufacturing process
  • Limited range of feeds available
  • Sometimes difficult to find on the market
  • Not all treats or snacks are organic
  • Organic manufacturing practices and standards vary worldwide, so some feed may not be truly “organic”

No matter if you choose to switch your chickens to organic feed or stick to standard feed, Chickens for Backyards will be here to help you raise healthy and happy chickens. Read through our blog or contact us today to learn more!