How to Take Care of Your Chickens During the Winter

Wintertime can bring a whole host of challenges, especially if you’re a chicken owner. While some chickens are built to withstand the cold, all chickens will still need some protection. As such, you’ll need to take extra precautions to keep your chickens happy and healthy throughout the tough winter season.

Keep them warmHow to Take Care of Your Chickens During the Winter

This should go without saying, but you need to keep your chickens warm during the winter months. At night, your chickens will want to roost together to keep themselves warm, so ensure there’s extra room inside of the coop for them to do so. You should also try the deep litter method to keep the coop warm and cozy.

Prevent frostbite

You don’t have to keep your chickens inside the coop all winter. Chickens are hardy creatures, and they can withstand a good amount of what mother nature can throw at them. Nevertheless, frostbite can happen to even the hardiest chicken from walking around in the snow and ice all day. To prevent this, clear you run of snow and keep the coop warm at all times.

Make sure the water isn’t frozen

If their water is frozen, then your chickens won’t be able to stay properly hydrated. While they don’t need as much water as they do in the summertime, they’ll still need an adequate supply for them to stay healthy and lay eggs. You can try manually replacing the water, but this can get tiresome as it’ll only take about six hours for the water to freeze again. Instead, get heated waterers to prevent the water from freezing over (just make sure the water isn’t heated too much, as no one likes drinking lukewarm water).

Watch out for predators

Predators such as foxes, cats, and coyotes are more desperate for food in the wintertime. This means that they’ll try to go after your chickens, even during the daytime. To protect your flock, it’s best to keep them inside the coop and run area only instead of free-ranging. You should also make sure these areas are well protected by using hardware mesh around and under the perimeter of your run.

Here at Chickens for Backyards, we want to make sure every chicken is kept happy and healthy this winter. So, if you have further questions on how to protect your flock this winter, give us a call at 888-412-6715 today.