How to Keep Your Chickens Out of Your Garden

A common challenge that many people who raise backyard chickens struggle with is keeping their chickens out of their garden. One day your garden may be fine, but the next you find it trampled and eaten. While some people just decide to get rid of their garden, there are ways for your chickens and your garden to coexist.

Have the appropriate spaceHow to Keep Your Chickens Out of Your Garden

Often times the reason your chickens are trampling over your garden is because they don’t have enough space to move around. Your chickens require at least 8-10 square feet of space per bird to comfortably roam. If you have less than this, then your chickens may find other areas to roam around in. You’ll either have to expand your backyard, or cut down on your flock.

Wrap chicken wire or hardware cloth around individual plants

Wrapping chicken wire or hardware cloth around individual plants can easily deter curious chickens without harming the plants themselves. Chicken wire is best for taller, more mature plants. For newly planted seeds or low-growing plants, however, you’ll need to use something stronger, such as hardware cloth, in order to keep your chickens out.

Use large bricks and stones

Chickens can toss away small stones, but not larger ones. By placing a few large bricks and stones around the base of your plant, they’ll be unable to get too close to the plant to cause any damage. Bricks and stones can be used on their own, or in addition to chicken wire/hardware cloth if you feel those won’t be enough.

Place the garden out of reach

If your chickens are still getting into your garden, then you may have to move your garden so that it’s out of reach. You can either place it in the front yard (with your chickens in the back), or use a raised garden bed that’s high enough to prevent your chickens from reaching the plants.

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