How to Catch a Chicken

Once you develop a bond with your chickens, you should have no problem scooping them up into your arms. However, some chickens will always be intransigent, squirming or running away before you can get your arms around them. If you have a few chickens in your flock like this, here are a few methods on how you can catch them:

Use a pole or a fishing netman farmer holding a chicken in his hands

Did you know that chickens can run up to 9 miles per hour? That’s faster than the average human! A long pole—one that is about four feet long—can help bridge this gap. You can hook it around your chicken’s foot to prevent them from getting away too fast. In addition to a pole, you can also use a fishing net to trap your hens.

However, keep in mind that with either method you run the risk of getting pecked by your hen. Additionally, after a few times of you doing this, your chickens will start to run away from you if you’re holding either item. As such, you’ll want to use these methods sparingly.

Trap nesting

Did you know you can set up your nest boxes to spring shut once a chicken is inside? This is a much easier method for both you and your chicken, though it does require some patience. This method is best used for hens that lay frequently.

Roosting bars

With some hens, catching them while they’re sleeping may be the best option. Wait until night and enter the coop, making sure not to make too much noise so all hens stay asleep. Approach the chicken of your choice and carefully place both hands over her wings. Remove her from the perch and take her outside.

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