How to Buy Ethically Sourced Meat

Many humans rely on a diet of meat and plants to stay healthy. Unfortunately, much of the meat we buy comes from factory farms that force animals to live under cruel conditions. Just because an animal is to be slaughtered for meat does not mean it shouldn’t be treated well and with respect during its life.

Thankfully, many companies are now turning to more humane methods for meat production. But which companies are doing this, and how can you tell if the meat you buy is ethically sourced? Read on to learn more.young woman shopping for chicken meat at grocery store

Look for the right certifications and labels

As we’ve touched upon in previous blog posts, just because a product is labeled “organic” or “locally sourced” does not mean the animals were treated well. Many of the so-called “certifications” you see on products are vague with lax standards. But not all of them are.

As such, you’ll want to keep an eye out for specific certifications to ensure your meat is ethically sourced. These include the following:

Getting a bit confused? The ASPCA has their own Shop With Your Heart tool that allows you to easily find sustainable brands in your area.

Know where to buy ethically sourced meat

Ethically sourced meat is becoming more and more popular. As such, it’s becoming increasingly easier to find. You’ll be able to find ethically sourced meat at any of the following locations:

Grocery Stores

Your typical grocery store should have ethically sourced meat available. You can find it alongside the rest of the meat. Just be sure to keep an eye out for those labels and certifications (see above) to ensure you’re selecting the right brand.

Butcher Shop

If you get confused by all the labels and certifications, then consider going to your local butcher shop. Butchers have personal relationships with their suppliers. As a result, you can find out exactly where your meat came from.

Farmers’ Markets

In addition to butcher shops, you can also attend your local farmers’ market. Farmers’ markets are frequented by small, local farms instead of large corporations. You’ll also be able to talk with the farmers about how they raise their animals.

Online Ordering

If you find your local options are limited, then you can always turn to the internet. There are a variety of online stores that will deliver humanely raised meat right to your doorstep. ButcherBox offers 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, as does Crowd Cow.

In addition to buying ethically sourced meat, some people turn to raising ethically sourced meat themselves. If you’re interested in raising chickens for meat, Chickens for Backyards has many breeds to get you started. Look through our online shop today.