Help Your Chickens Handle the Heat

The large majority of the United States has experienced a massive heat wave over the course of the last few weeks. As an animal owner, extreme temperatures can be worrisome. If you’re hot, it’s highly likely that your animals are too, chickens included.

Fortunately, there are easy changes you can make to help cool your chickens down the sweltering summer months.

Here are a few of those to keep in mind:

Keep Water Cool and Clean

Just like us, chickens want water more than anything else when it’s hot out. Especially cold water. So one of the best things you can do is keep their clean water supply cold by adding ice cubes to it constantly, or having an ice pack in it at all times to keep it consistently cold. This will help bring down the heat just a little bit. You can also go another step by adding electrolytes to their water.

Provide Proper Ventilation

A chicken coop is very much like a home: to remain airy and cool, it needs to ventilate. Have the windows to the coop open always so air can come in to cool down your chickens. With windows installed, you’ll pretty much be able to ensure that chickens will remain cool from the cross-breeze.

Add Some Shaded Spaces

Chickens are a lot like us: they often seek shade when the sun is overbearing. So make that trip for them a bit easier: add natural sources of shade to their coop. You can use cardboard, a lid, or some small plants or trees—anything that’ll help your chickens get out of the sun.

Keep in mind that most chickens will cool off with a dust bath and some reliable shade. For information on how to provide your chickens with  a dust bath they’ll enjoy, check out this article on how to create your own dust bath in just a few steps.

For a happy and healthy summer, every chicken owner needs to provide a safe and secure living space for their chickens. And luckily, the ways to do that are simple.

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