Everything You Need to Know About Rooster Spurs

Rooster spurs are the source of worry for every person who raises chickens. While they may not be any harm to the rooster itself, they can be harmful to others, namely the humans and chickens that live alongside the rooster. If you’re raising roosters alongside your hens, then here are some things you should know about spurs.

What is a rooster spur?Everything You Need to Know About Rooster Spurs

A rooster spur is a long, claw-like bone structure sticking out of a rooster’s leg. Spurs are not visible when roosters are young. Instead, they develop over time as a bird matures. As the spur grows, it curves and hardens, and it becomes extremely sharp.

Why do roosters have them?

A rooster’s main priority is protecting their hens; spurs help in this endeavor. They’re incredibly sharp and can deal quite a bit of damage to any potential predator that may threaten the flock. While this is great for keeping predators away, a rooster that still has its spurs can become incredibly dangerous to the other chickens and humans around them. Just as they use those spurs to attack predators, they can also use them to attack other roosters, pets, and children.

Removing rooster spurs

Spurs can be removed by a veterinarian, but it’s best to do so when the rooster is still a chick. If you try to remove a spur once it is fully grown, you run the risk of injuring the bird. While removing the spurs does mean that your rooster will be less able to fend off predators, it may be the best decision if they’re going after yourself or your hens.

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