Different Types of Animals that Can Coexist with Chickens

When you start raising a backyard flock, you may begin exploring the idea of raising other types of animals as well. If you have ample backyard space, this can be a real possibility. But you want to make sure that your new animals will coexist with your chickens. Below we list out some of the best animals you can raise alongside your chickens.

Other FowlDifferent Types of Animals that Can Coexist with Chickens

All fowl species typically coexist with each other quite well. Plus, thanks to your chickens, you already have much of the equipment and buildings necessary to add additional fowl species. Let’s explore a few species of fowl that you can raise alongside chickens:


Raising ducks alongside chickens is relatively easy. They get along well and can coexist in the same space. Ducks will need a pool to swim around in, as well as separate housing to ensure diseases don’t spread too easily. You should also keep baby ducks away from full grown chickens, as adult chickens may bully them.


Another popular species of fowl that backyard flock owners raise are turkeys. Turkeys and chickens can stay in the same outdoor space usually without incident, but turkeys will need some extra room due to their larger size. As with ducks, you should have separate housing for your turkeys as well as separate eating areas.


Geese can become territorial, but so long as they have plenty of space in the yard to themselves you shouldn’t have a problem. Geese also like water, so you should add a pond like you would for ducks. Separate housing and sleeping areas are necessary as well.

Guinea Fowl

Finally, there are guinea fowl. Chickens and guinea fowl can share the same outdoor space and even the same food. You should keep them separate if you plan on breeding your chickens, as chickens and guinea fowl are known to crossbreed.

Domestic Animals

Many backyard chicken owners turn to other fowl species, but you can also bring in domesticated animals as well. Dogs and cats, if trained properly, can easily coexist with your flock. With dogs, you’ll want to choose a breed that is considered a livestock guard dog. These are easiest to train and more likely not to harm your chickens. With cats, the breeds don’t matter as much. Cats will typically leave adult birds alone, but you should keep them away from baby chicks.

Large Farm Animals

If you live in a rural and have plenty of space to spare, then you can even try raising farm animals. Goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, and cows will all get along well with your chickens. They’ll keep each other company and the larger animals can help keep predators away. You’ll want to have separate shelters and housing areas, and food should also be kept separate. Overall, though, chickens and larger farm animals can roam together without a problem.

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