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White Polish

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White Polish chickens are one of the older breeds of chickens. History puts them as far back as the 1600’s but the Dutch are responsible for refining and developing the breed during the 1800’s. They earned their name because their crest resembles the hat that was worn by Polish soldiers. This breed was first known to be in America in the 1830's or 40's. White Polish Chickens without beards were admitted into the American Poultry Association 1874; White Polish Chickens with beards were recognized in 1883. They are currently on The Livestock Conservancy watch list.

These chickens are pure white, with bright red wattles and slate blue beaks, legs, and feet. They have an upright bearing and a sleek body style. They also sport a top knot or crest of fluffy white feathers on the top of their heads. The crest of the males is different from the females. The crest of the male is a bit more eccentric and umbrella shaped, while the hens’ crests are fluffy and full feathered. White Polish chickens can also come with or without muffs or beards.

Originally White Polish chickens were bred for egg production. The hens do not go broody and can produce up to 120 small white shelled eggs per year. White Polish chickens have limited vision due to their fluffy crests. This makes them more prone to hawks and other overhead predators. This breed is winter hardy, does well in backyards, and in mixed flocks.

If you want a fancy ornamental show bird, then the White Polish is what you should choose. They can be high strung and flighty at times mostly because of their limited overhead vision. This can be kept to a minimum by announcing your presence.


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