The Chicken Swing
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The Chicken Swing

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Yes, chickens love to swing! The swing is designed to enable the chicken to actually pump the swing. This is more than a hanging perch. End your fowl's coop boredom! Fun for your chickens and fun to watch them swing. Made to handle all coop designs and conditions. Brought to you by Fowl Play Products. Chicken tested and approved!

“The Chicken Swing” 

  • If you have Chickens or other cooped up fowl, you need to have The Chicken SwingTM !
  • This is not just a hanging perch, it is an actual activity.
  • Reduces coop boredom and brings smiles to the people that care for them.
  • Made from safe quality parts that are made to last. 
  • Chicks to peafowl will enjoy something besides pecking! 
  • The patented design allows the chickens to actually pump the swing!
  • The mailbox shape of the perch, with corn-like texture , allows a broad spectrum of sized/aged  fowl the grip and torque the perch.
  • That action transfers to the tongues to tug on the rope, keeping the swing in motion for an enjoyable ride for your chickens!
  • Easy to install in most coop settings.
  • Chickens for Backyards approved!! 

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