Unsexed Bronze Broad Breasted turkeys for Sale
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Bronze Broad Breasted Turkey - (Unsexed)

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The Bronze strain is an American origination and admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys are the most popular breed of turkey on small farms because they are known for being one of the heaviest and largest turkeys around. They are less commonly raised for commercial meat production because their color after plucking. They are a beautiful fast growing double breasted turkey and have an excellent feed to meat conversion rate. Due to their excessively large breast, they require artificial insemination to reproduce. 

Turkey Facts:

  • Weight: Hen-21 lbs  Tom29 lbs
  • Purpose: Meat Production
  • Eggs: White
  • Egg Production: Fair
  • Hardiness: All Weather 
  • Disposition: Docile

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We guarantee your ordered number of birds arrive healthy and true to breed. Please contact us immediately should any losses or variances to your order occur, this guarantee is only for the safe and live delivery of your poultry. Any loss must be reported to Chickens for Backyards within 3 days of receipt for any adjustment to be made. Reshipments are subject to availability and minimum shipping requirements.  If eligible, we will reship only once. Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds and will not include shipping charges.



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