Shop Broad Breasted Turkey Poults

In addition to a wide selection of chickens, Chickens for Backyards also has baby turkeys for sale and turkey poults to start your backyard flock or add to your farm. We have two different breeds of baby turkeys for sale that we deliver to your home in quantities as low as three at a time. You can also order up to 10 turkey poults.

If you are raising turkeys for the first time, we can help you choose turkeys and find and order all the supplies you need to raise a successful flock. Choose from White or Bronze Broad Breasted Turkeys, or 10 assorted White and Bronze turkeys. Both White and Bronze Broad Breasted Turkeys are intended as turkey poults for food production, and both grow to a large size. Hens grow to between 20 and 25 pounds and toms between 30 and 35 pounds. Both breeds have a docile temperament, and they are very hardy, with the ability to survive even in cold climates outdoors.  

Order turkey poults for your free-range backyard flock or poultry farm. Click to learn more about the turkeys or send us an email at If you have questions about starting a backyard flock or ordering baby turkeys, you can also call us at 888-412-6715.