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Chickens for Backyards has a variety of baby chick assortment specials to help you get started on your free-range farm, add poultry to your farm, add egg-layers to your farm and more. Choose from a variety of egg-layers, boilers and waterfowl combinations to start or expand your farm. Select small groups of 10 or 15 or large groups up to 100 with exceptional pricing on all groups. 

If you are just starting your egg-laying or poultry farm, start out with a small selection of egg-layers, geese, turkeys and others. We randomly select from different egg-laying, turkey, geese and waterfowl species to make each combination. Each one-day old bird arrives at your door in prime health and ready to be a part of your farm. 

*FREE GIFT - with every shipment of chicks 

Click on any baby chick assortment to see more details. Order brown egg-layers, geese, turkey, waterfowl or guineas to add to your farm or your home today.