Golden Laced Wyandottes originated in Wisconsin in 1880 by crossing a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen with a large black/red patterned fowl called a Winnebago.
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Golden Laced Wyandotte

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The Golden Laced Wyandotte breed was created in Wisconsin in 1880 by using a Silver Laced Wyandotte and other breeds. The Golden Laced Wyandotte is much like the Silver Laced Wyandotte in its calm and friendly nature. The Golden Laced variety is covered in beautiful golden feathers bordered with black edges which give them a very attractive “lace” appearance. The tails of these laced beauties are all black with a very fluffy appearance. These chickens will consistently give you wonderful brown eggs. The Wyandotte breed is popular with backyard chicken enthusiasts as well as general bird lovers as well due to their very unique feathered patterning. The general disposition of a Golden Laced Wyandotte is calm and mild. They can become adventurous to retain a bit of independence, however do very well in the backyards or farm yards. Like most Wyandottes, broodiness could be in their nature and may sometimes enjoy setting on eggs and caring for babies. A female will reach about 6 ½ pounds and males will be up to 8 ½ pounds.


 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Cold
 Egg Size Large  Broody Occasionally
 Egg Production Very Good  Hen Weight 6 1/2 lbs
 Personality Calm and Easy Going  Rooster Weight 8 1/2 lbs


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