The Golden Comet is also known as Golden Buff, Gold Sex Link, Cinnamon Queen, and Red Star. This hybrid strain is a leader in the brown egg market.
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Golden Comet

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The Golden Comet chicken breed is one of the best chickens to keep for eggs. It's a favorite for those that really enjoy heaping baskets of large and extra large brown eggs. The Golden Comet chicken is also a breed that goes by many names; Golden Buff, Gold Sex Link, Cinnamon Queen, and Red Star to name a few. The Golden Comet chicken is considered the most prolific layer of brown eggs. This particular cross of Rhode Island's is responsible for the majority of commercial brown egg production. Those that select the Golden Comet continue to reorder year after year once they get acquainted with the large to extra large eggs that they lay year around. The females of this breed grows up to be anywhere from a light to medium colored reddish tan with light colored tail feathers. They do well in all climates warm and cold and are good free range chickens. These are mild mannered chickens that get along well with all breeds and make good chicken pets and live easily in back yard chicken houses. They are considered gentle with people and get along well within mixed flocks and are a great choice to buy baby chicks for sale online at They are considered a medium sized bird with females weighing about 4 pounds. The males will grow up to be white and weigh about 6 pounds.


 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Cold Hardy
 Egg Size Large  Broody No
 Egg Production Excellent  Hen Weight 4 lbs
 Personality Calm  Rooster Weight 6 lbs


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