Black Old English Game Bantam

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The Black Old English Game Bantam is an impressive chicken, with its shiny black plumage, slate gray legs and feet, and bright red comb and wattles. This variety has been recognized by the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection since 1938.

Old English Game Bantams are favored both as backyard chickens and as show birds because of their small size coupled with their alert stance and self-assured attitude. They are especially outstanding as foragers and are known for their excellence in raising chicks.

The Black Old English Game Bantam has solid black plumage at maturity. Growing youngsters, however, may have some white feathers in their first and second stage feathering. That’s perfectly normal. But after their final juvenile molt during about their sixth month, their feathers will be all black.

These small but confident bantams are sure to please. You might also check out the many other varieties of Old English Game Bantams available here at Chickens for Backyards.

 Egg Color Tinted  Hardiness Cold
 Egg Size Small  Broody Excellent
 Production Poor  Hen Weight 22 oz
 Personality Active  Rooster Weight 24 oz

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