Three Important Summer Tasks for Backyard Chicken Owners

cute fluffy goslings walks and drinks water on green grassInvesting in backyard chickens can be such a fulfilling experience. If this is your first summer with these special creatures in your care, you’re in for a lot of fun and excitement. But once the weather really starts to heat up, you’ll need to adjust your care routines to ensure your feathered friends thrive in the heat. Here are three crucial tasks to keep your chickens healthy and happy during the warmer months:

Ensure Continuous Hydration

Your most important goal this summer is to make sure your chickens always have access to fresh, clean water. They can dehydrate more quickly in the heat, which can obviously lead to serious health issues and can also negatively impact egg production.

Check water levels several times a day and consider adding extra water stations to your coop and run. To keep the water cool and refreshing, place the containers in shaded areas or add ice cubes to the water during the hottest parts of the day.

Manage Heat and Provide Shade

Chickens tend to be hardy birds that can withstand a variety of conditions, but certain breeds can suffer from heat stress, so it’s important to provide them with ways to cool down. Ensure your coop and run have enough shaded areas where chickens can escape the sun.

Adding a tarp or planting trees near the coop can provide additional shade and lower the temperature in their living environment. If you live in an especially hot climate, maybe consider a misting system in the coop.

Control Pests and Parasites

Warm weather often brings an increase in pests, such as mites, lice, and flies, which can create health problems for your flock. Regularly clean the coop, remove soiled bedding, and use safe pest control measures like diatomaceous earth around the coop and nesting boxes. Keeping the grass and weeds trimmed can also help reduce the presence of ticks and other insects.

By staying vigilant and proactive when it comes to summer care, you can enjoy the season and keep your chickens comfortable even during the hottest days.

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