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In this assortment, you could receive any of the following color varieties: White, Black, Blue, Buff, or Splash. The Silkie chickens have black skin. Their feathers are more like down and they have feathered feet. The Silkies also have top knots on their heads.

The Silkie Bantam chicken has been talked about for years. Marco Polo talked about black-skinned, furry chickens while traveling in Asia in the 13th century. The American Silkie Bantam Club was established in 1923 and has been going strong ever since.

The Silkie chickens have black skin. Their feathers are more like down and they have feathered feet. The Silkies also have top knots on their heads. Some of the Silkies are bearded and some are non-bearded. All of our parent stock is bearded and we breed for beards however, some of the chickens will still be non-bearded. Combine all of this with their turquoise ear lobes and you have one beautiful chicken.

If you are considering buying a Silkie it is more than likely for a pet, show bird, or for their broodiness. These three things are what this bird is most known for. They are very docile birds that do not fly a lot. Combine this with their ability to adapt to handling and attention, and it makes them a great show breed. If you are looking for a bird that will accept small spaces because you are limited, then this is the bird for you. The Silkie hens are not prominent layers but they are excellent mothers to all chicks, even if the chicks are not theirs. This breed is so gentle that the roosters have maternal instincts as well. They are known to call chicks over to treats in the yard when they are old enough to venture from their moms.

We offer 5 color variations of the Silkie: White, Black, Blue, Buff, and Splash. We breed for good muffs and the famous 5th toe. Silkies have some breeding defects that appear in about 5% of the chicks. These defects can include no muff under the beak, lacking a 5th toe, curled toes, straight combs, and cross beaks.

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  1. QIAN CHEN (verified owner)

    I got a white, a grey, a black, Grey one is always upset, White one is the biggest. They are fluffy and feel like silk.

  2. josieksewell (verified owner)

    We ordered eight assorted silkies and were sent ten beautiful babies (two extra just in case). We’re still ten chicks strong; three black, two lavender, two white, two buff, and one splash! I’m very happy with them!

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