Another Poultry Industry Giant Will Stop Using Antibiotics

In recent years, the medical community has raised concerns about the use of antibiotics in meat and poultry—and with good reason. Using antibiotics indiscriminately has worrisome public health risks, because when farms use antibiotics too often it can promote the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which cause serious illness. According to U.S. PIRG, a national public interest research group, the majority of antibiotics sold in the United States – a whopping 70% – are used on farms, where they are given to poultry and livestock.

So when Tyson Foods, one of the poultry industry’s major players, announced that it would stop using antibiotics in the chickens raised for its brand-name products, consumer advocates rejoiced. Tyson slaughters over 2.3 billion birds every single year, all of which will now be raised without the use of antibiotics that cause the growth of new, stronger strains of bacteria. A number of other poultry companies have recently made the commitment to go antibiotic-free, like Perdue Farms, but Tyson is by far the largest.

This is part of an overall trend of “conscious consumerism,” which is something you’re probably already familiar with. Many Americans have been demanding healthier and fresher products in stores, and consumers all over the country prefer not to eat meat raised with antibiotics because of the associated long-term health risks.

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