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When starting your poultry, egg-laying, waterfowl or guinea flock, it is important to have the right supplies. Chickens for Backyards delivers chicken care and poultry supplies for all your birds to ensure their health and productivity.

If you are ordering birds for the first time, purchase a starter supply kit with your order to give your baby birds a great start. For those who are new to raising chickens, turkeys, geese, waterfowl or guineas, we also have books to answer all your questions and tell you what to expect. You will find all the supplies you need to check your birds' health, make sure they have the vitamins and minerals they need, and keep baby birds safe from dangers as they grow.

Order a starter package including everything you need to raise your baby chicks or other supplies to keep your adult birds strong and healthy. We provide free shipping on all of these supplies when shipped anywhere within the continental United States.