Premium Brooder Starter Package
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Premium Brooder Starter Package

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The Premium Brooder Starter Package includes everything you need to help care for your new baby chicks upon arrival, just add feed and water to the included quart feeder and waterer. This package was developed to setup in just a few minutes while supplying your chicks with a safe and cozy home till their ready to move outdoors. The plastic chick corral provides a sturdy perimeter and is much easier to setup than paper corrals. The brooder lamp stand allows the brooder lamp to securely hang over the chicks and the 14” chain allows the lamp to be hung at various heights to raise and lower the temperature. The 3 pound package of pine shavings provides secure footing for your chicks while helping to absorb moisture and reduce odors. This package also includes a pack of GroGel which is extremely beneficial in helping rehydrate and nourish your chicks after their trip to your home. With the Premium Brooder Starter Package you’ll spend less time setting up your brooder and more time enjoying your new baby chicks.  

Package Includes:

  • Brooder Lamp Stand
  • Single Lamp Brooder Reflector
  • Red Glass Brooder Bulb - 125 watts
  • Plastic Chick Corral (colors may vary)
  • Large Brooder Thermometer
  • Pine Shavings
  • Quart Jar Waterer (colors may vary)
  • Quart Jar Feeder (colors may vary)
  • Grogel (100dose)

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Updated Material Changes As Of 02/28/2016 

*White Stand

*Yellow Corral With Better Design


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