Peck and Play
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Peck and Play

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The Peck and Play offers your chickens the opportunity to eat, scratch and peck around on fresh ground while keeping them safe and secure from avian predators. This would make an excellent option for those of you who live inside city limits or have limited space! You could also use this to keep your chickens safe while cleaning their permanent coop.

Large mesh side walls offer panoramic views to the outside while letting you keep an inside view of your girls. Vertical side walls increase space inside for a massive 17 square foot roam area. The use of flexible, yet sturdy structured support beams offers a combination of space and stability in a very light weight design. A compact carry bag allows for quick and easy carry with a small folded down dimension of only 15" x 15".

Two top access zipper entries all you to quickly put in and take out your chickens!  This is one of the easiest chicken enclosures to use on the market today!

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