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In addition to a wide selection of chickens, Chickens for Backyards also has baby guineas for sale to start or add to your farm. 

The guinea makes a very good watch dog and will let you know if something different is going on or if an intruder is around. They are known to be good tick and bug eaters. The origin of the Guinea is the West Coast of Africa. Figures of the Guinea Fowl are found on buildings built by ancient Egyptians as far back as 2400/s B.C. In 400 B.C. the Greeks considered the meat and eggs delicacies. Guinea Fowl are very hard to sex by sight. Guinea Fowl males utter a one-syllable call, usually repeated several times in succession: chit, chit, chit; females utter a two-syllable call, usually repeated several times in succession (“buck-wheat, buck-wheat, buck-wheat, buck-wheat”). Guinea Fowl normally hide their nests and then show up with many little keets when allowed to free range. They like to roost high in trees.

Chickens for Backyards ships your baby guinea keet orders May-Aug and it is recommended to order in March and April to secure and reserve your baby keets. We hope you enjoy our guinea fowl breeds.

Order guinea for your free-range backyard flock or poultry farm. Send us an email at If you have questions about starting a backyard flock or ordering baby guinea, you can also call us at 888-412-6715.