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Chickens for Backyards have baby chickens for sale with pricing specials so you can start your backyard flock easily and inexpensively. With dozens of breeds to choose, you can find the perfect chicken breeds to start or expand your flock. We quickly and carefully ship your day-old chicks directly to you so they are delivered healthy and ready to join your flock. You can start or expand your flock at an affordable price when you order pre-selected quantities and breeds.  

If you want to start a smaller backyard or free-range flock, order 15 chicks to start with. You can choose from many different breeds and find the chickens with the characteristics you want. If you are looking for chickens for your first backyard flock, try a breed with an even temperament that is easy to manage, like the Barred Plymouth Rock or the Buff Orpington, among others. If you are looking for productive egg laying chickens, learn more about the White Leghorn or the Golden Comet. Finally, if you are looking for chickens with a unique appearance or unique egg-layers, look at the Golden Laced Wyandotte or Easter Egger chickens.

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Order up to 100 chickens of any breed to expand your farm. Find more information on our website or give us a call at 888-412-6715.