Shop 25 Chick Specials


People think our 15 chick specials are great, which they are of course, and then they learn about our 25 chick specials and cannot help but make a purchase…or 25! At Chickens for Backyards, we offer 25 chick specials ranging of all different types and sizes of chickens.

Our chicken hatchery always offers a variety of baby chicks that are perfect for homeowners looking to add to their custom backyard flock, or farmers looking to add to their farm. No matter what, rest assured that we at Chickens for Backyards, have a huge selection of 25 chick specials to choose from. We have 25 Light Brahma, 25 New Hampshire Red, 25 White Leghorn, 25 White Plymouth Rock chickens, and many others. Buy baby chicks from Chickens for Backyards today!

*FREE GIFT - with every shipment of chicks