Shop 15 Guinea Specials

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Chickens for Backyards offers a variety of Guinea Fowl Keet breeds. In fact, we offer an unbeatable 15 Guinea Keet Hatchery Special which customers nationwide can take advantage of. Shop with us today to browse our selection of Guinea Fowl Keets. We have everything from Royal Purple Guineas and Pearl Grey Guineas to White African Guineas and Lavender Guineas. To save money, order 15 Guinea Fowl Keets as part of our hatchery special, it’s as easy as that!

Chickens for Backyards makes it easy for farmers and homeowners to get the chickens or special birds they need for their custom backyard flock or farm. We help our customers find what they need and deliver their chickens safely and on time. Call us today or browse our site to learn more about what we have.