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Chickens for Backyards has not only 15 and 25 chick specials, but we also have 100 baby chick hatchery specials. That’s right. We offer unbeatable specials on baby chicks of all different breeds, at unmatched prices. Our 100 chick specials are perfect for farmers looking to add to their farm to enhance commercial production.

Chickens for Backyards is known for offering a huge assortment of baby chicks of all different breeds and sizes. We have something for every size and style backyard flock or farm for customers nationwide. Our 100 baby chick hatchery specials include everything from 100 Cuckoo Marans and 100 Silver Laced Wyandotte to 100 Turken (Naked Neck) and 100 Speckled Sussex, among many others. Shop with Chickens for Backyards today!

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